The Bigger Picture

I've been on previous dive trips before, but this time it was different...

I knew about Malaysia, and I knew about Mabul and Sipadan, but nothing had prepared me for what we really were about to witness. The diversity and overwhelming scale of life under the ocean's surface in these waters has to be seen to be believed. Gigantic schools of Barracuda and Jackfish, amazing wall corals, blennies and gobies in every size colour and shape and the chance to see big pelagic like manta rays and even hammerhead sharks. 2 Weeks of dive-eat-sleep at Sipadan leaves me a changed man. Changed in a way that now I know that the underwater world is even more beautiful and exciting than I ever imagined. Changed in a way that now I know that we need to take responsibility and do our part to leave this world a little bit better than we found it. We need this place to be there for our kids and their kids after them...

I hope these images will convey some of the beauty I witnessed and will make others realise that the earth is worth saving.

A coral Goby

A soft coral crab is fishing for its food (plankton drifting by on the current)

Everywhere you look there is life, a tube coral blenny in a tube coral

A crocodile fish is waiting for it's prey

A stonefish shows its ugly face

A starfish shrimp between sand particles...on a starfish

A barracuda cloud blocks out the sun

Pygmy Crinoid Squid hiding under the arm of a feather star (a type of sea star)

A large pelagic Manta Ray swims by in open ocean...

A glass blend keeps an eye out from its protective bubble coral hideout

A crinoid shrimp demonstrates it's camouflage...(look for the eyes)

Jackfish in large numbers over shallow reef

A squat shrimp gets it's name guessed it, continuously squatting (not kidding...)

A diver is in awe of the scale at Sipadan Island

A barracuda vortex develops as divers look on

A diver exits an underwater cave...

A diver in a cloud of jackfish over shallow reef

An Orangutan crab...where would he have gotten it's name?